A motley assortment of artists from Australia, and karaoke pop idols from from Indonesia, are going to blow your mind with their mutant remix homage to the side of Indonesia that you ain't ever seen.
Ciptagelar Ciptarasa is the last Sundanese kingdom, atop the misty mountain, West Java, an autarkist syncretist paradise in West Java. Home of the silvery gibbon, of the rice goddess Dewi Sri, death metal choirs, and of the biggest, most epic multi-day karaoke parties parties you have ever seen.
What better way to cultivate international understanding than international remix? There'll be Australian artists working across hip hop, EDM, industrial and ambient styles, versus their angklung-wielding counterparts, thanks to the wonder of the internet. We'll be launching the villages' very own video CD, our own remix album and anything else we can get our hands on.

Cipta Gelar remixed has been made possible by support from the Common Room Networks Foundation and Asialink Arts.

$12/$15 + $10 for the Cipta Gelar video CD