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MAY '18

▬▬▬▬ Rave The Farm Festival #1 ▬▬▬▬

It all started in 2013 as a small event collective in Luxembourg ... 5 years ago Lauter Unfug gave a strong impluse to the underground house music scene in Luxembourg. 5 years of wild parties, endless fun and shitload of freakin' good music. 5 years and more than 40 releases later ... yes friends, it's about time to party the 5 Years of existence with all what a Rave is about.

In all these years we did the successful transformation from small collective to a respective imprint and now bringing Lauter Unfug to the World. See you in 2X18!

We invited Secret Society to join forces for a small but intense festival experience in the deep woods of Luxembourg on a Farm. We will transform the Farm for a very special underground rave party with one of the hugest Line-Ups of the year with International & National DJ´s. The exact coordinates are going to be given 1 day before the event.

Join us for this very exclusive experience!

▬▬▬▬ Line - UP ▬▬▬▬
- Techhouse, House, Techno, Drum & Bass, Goa
- 3 Stages Indoor & Outdoor


◘ Beatamines (Lauter Unfug, Katermukke, Einmusika)
◘ Alexander Aurel (Terminal M, 8bit, Leena Music)
◘ Matchy & Bott (Katermukke, Lauter Unfug, Stil Vor Talent)
◘ Circle of Life (Suara, Lauter Unfug, Sprout)
◘ Dominik Vaillant (Lauter Unfug, Analogue Audio)
◘ Chris Veron (Riot Rec., Sea You Festival, Lauter Unfug)
◘ ND Catani(Lauter Unfug)
◘ PHAT ERIC (Lauter Unfug)
◘ Alex Heide (Lauter Unfug)
◘ Hirsto b2b Der Alte Jäger (Wupp)
◘ Leuchturm (Homeless)
◘ Alberto Stocco b2b Flore (Onis Sound Collective)
◘ Double T b2b Lux (Pitch Mouvement)
◘ Chich (Modulhertz rec)
◘ Nathlee b2b Fonclair (Strange Agency, Lauter Unfug)
◘ Acasual (Blind Jack Journey)
◘ Anja Augner (Lauter Unfug)
◘ Jonathan Franks (Minimal Kingdom)
◘ Al-x b2b WazToo (Elake)
◘ Kitchenguard b2b Peacemaker (Lauter Unfug, Homeless)
◘ Tasso & Mitch (HOUSEDELUXE)
◘ Chook (Full Force) (Lauter Unfug)
◘ Mon Groove b2b Hartojo (Lauter Unfug, FHLR, Berlin)
◘ Riven (Lauter Unfug, Time Has Changed)
◘ Tekniqe (Secret Society
◘ Jesta (Secret Society)
◘ Legacid (Secret Society)
◘ Master Error (Secret Society)
◘ Prontox (Secret Society)
◘ Waters & Amnesia (Secret Society)
◘ Method (Secret Society)
◘ Siphlex (Secret Society)
◘ Hidden Perspective (Secret Society)
◘ Joe Egassy(Secret Society)
◘ DJ Sav

▬▬▬▬ General Info ▬▬▬▬
Adress: Coming soon!

Doors: 13:00 til... OPEN END!
Tickets: Coming Soon


A special Shuttle service will drive you and your friends from anywhere in the "Province du Luxembourg" (LU/BE/DE/FR) to the Rave The Castle Festival #1 for an extremely low price!
Driving Fee = 1€ / km

There are 7 spaces available in the car.
(20% off for 100km or more)

Example: Luxembourg Central Station => Weiler = 10 KM = 10€.

IMPORTANT: You need to book your drive in advance. The service is limited.

Contact: +352 661 164 225 asap.

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