❁ JAM-Urban Culture Promotion and Zero One Music invite you to join us at MAGIC CASTLE IV. In the striking environment of Mesocco Castle, we offer you a magical Psy-Trance night.


We celebrate ancient teachings, the magic of human connections, and the power of art and music. Indigenous cultures have out-lived through centuries to remind us that union and a simple life, have always been the keys to our happiness.
7 Chakras brings together many cultures of the world: from India, where our roots belong, to Central and South America, where the serpentine energy of the planet is now stronger than ever.
Through art, music and daily practices, we’ll be able to enter a dimension that no thoughts can affect, and re-discover the power of our spirits in connection with each other.

A journey from the beach, through the valleys and finally reaching the beautiful hills of Tuscania. We started in 2011 as a small gathering, and in 2013 we had our official opening.
It was a dream coming true, after 5 years organising events in Goa, and 3 years in Italy.. Our crew was growing in number and cohesion, and so were the people following us! After much time an hard job we finally achieved to make our first 3 days festival, and gained the trust of the villagers who resulted jointly happy to host such an alternative event.
In 2016 started our new adventure in Tuscania, called by the beauty of the nature, and the openness of the locals. And here is where we stayed, feeling truly One with the surroundings. Hills and hectares of untouched land, river and waterfall around us.. a really outstanding location!
Every year we intend to honour the gift we received, by using this space to pass-on a message of love and respect, and by gathering always eco-sustainably!


CARPE DIEM: Cogli L'attimo!
Parole con cui Orazio (Odi I, 11, 8) esorta a saper godere dei beni che la vita ci offre giorno per giorno; la massima riassume l’ideale di una vita goduta nel bene che essa ci dà, anche se è poco, e viene spesso ripetuta, inesattamente, come invito al vivere gioioso e senza pensieri.
Vi aspettiamo con Gioia Per celebrare insieme una grande Festa con Musica ad alte Prestazioni.


ॐ Śhānti :: Opening Party ॐ

Dopo un’estate all’insegna dei festival siamo pronti e più carichi che mai per la nuova stagione!
Śhānti ricomincia dal Traffic Live, location friendly, confortevole, collaudata, dotata di un ampio spazio esterno!
Psy your life!

Psychedelically Yours,
Free Spirit Foundation


◆Offlabel- Live
[Blacklite Records // Offlabel crew]

OffLabel is a psytrance project by Tony Vallini, born and grown up in Italy.
He started as techno DJ when he was 16, and from 1995 he rose as a producer taking always care of keeping his own style. After the Techno Experience he moved into the psytrance world already as an expert artist and party organizer.
His music is characterized by an underground and an evocative cut with melodies, chants and tribal contamination. He played in many Italian clubs and shared the consolle with loads of important psytrancedjs and producers.
In 2018 he joined the well knownBlacklite Records family, after a radical change of his style. More psychedelic sounds, deeper basslines, acid synths and of course a strong BPMs increase, in agreement with the new trend of the label.
On stage OffLabel provides a Live Set together with many atmosfx and sounds that he is creating on the spot: a very involving show with a powerful music vibration.


[Offlabel crew]

[Free Spirit foundation // 24/7 Records]

◆ UV Deco By…..Soon

La musica elettronica è solo uno dei molti strumenti per trascendere le limitazioni dell'essere fisico. Pensiamo sia bene superare il preconcetto che vede la musica elettronica legata al mero "divertimento" ed abbracciare un'idea più ampia, che recupera il valore della musica e della danza come mezzo di trascendenza e guarigione.

ENTRY FEE :10 euro


Vi aspettiamo al Traffic Live Club!

◆Via Prenestina 738, 00155 Roma
◆ GPS: 40.7143528, -74.0059731

- BUS: 058, 058F, 150F, 501, 508, 313, 314
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