MAY '18

After a super inspirational turn of events in 2017 that led us through a plethora of ups and downs and rounds and abouts - we had a fully gorgeous gathering of the tribes & an epic increase in vibes!

Now, we regroup and rejoin, begin to build and shape the future. Inspired once again by European adventures, German organisation & efficiency, mind blowing art, sounds, lights and underground psychedelic culture we a planning to step things up once again for Triplicity 2018!!

JULY '18

After 2016 we knew that we could take the event to the next level, and with the dedication of our incredible crew and of each and every one of you, 2017 surpassed the expectations of even the biggest of dreamers in the Noisily family. The vibe throughout the weekend was electric, the love free flowing, and seeing all of your joyful smiling faces made the past 12 months of hard graft worth it 10 times over!

For us, Noisily is all about the people who attend, the new friendships and communities that are sparked in our beautiful woodland, and cemented in the default world. These, and the opportunity to affect society and humanity in a positive way via the medium of love, awareness, acceptance and music, well it simply doesn’t get any better. We have the best job in the world, and the best people around us, you lot! Coney woods saw just over 3,500 wonderfully weird and wacky souls descend for 2017 and create the perfect party, and for that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Besides their shared love for parties, music and event organisation, the two French crews « La Goache Family » and « Atomes » also share the same birth date!

That’s why this year it became obvious for us to all unite and celebrate 10
years of friendship, challenges and love for music and dancefloors, in the best possible way we could come-up with.

So, with the help of the Portuguese tribe « Kunayala », we are more than happy to invite you from the 2 to 5 august 2018 in north Portugal, at the very first edition of FORA DE TEMPO Festival!
The festival will take place in a wonderful location (more info coming soon), filled with mountains, trees, sand beaches and a beautiful lake!


welcome to Mo:Dem Festival 2018.! The date is set and planning for our next gathering can start...

First of all, we want to thank you once more for your support and love given: HVALA!

We learned a lot, especially in communication with you, and our mission is to implement this new knowledge into building bigger but more accessible and more humane Mo:Dem. Your better comfort and safety is the primary goal. With our greener initiative, we want to live the words ecology and sustainability even more. Preserving the site as pure and untouched as we found it implies stricter 'leave no trace' policy. Except for the construction of new compost toilets we have big plans in this department and therefore we're going to need your help; so expect crowdfunding and other campaigns in near future.

We continue to follow our vision to abandon the outdated concept that divides musical genres on 'main' and 'alternative' so each segment of the Mo:Dem Festival will have equal treatment and approach. It seems that you liked new concept with three musical stages and at this moment we can only reveal that we are improving and developing it. But building chill out area worthy of our Festival is the main objective. You know what to expect - diverse musical content with an emphasis on psychedelic sound and out of this world visuals, installations and art.

As you know Mo:Dem is not expanding in numbers and tickets will be limited. We recommend that you buy yours on time. Early bird tickets will be online in mid-September. Other news are coming soon so stay tuned!

With love and passion,
Mo:Dem Crew


Das Antlitz der Sonne breitet sich allmählich über dem Grün der Wälder aus. Nebelschwaden werden nach und nach von den Strahlen der Wärme verdrängt. Vögel begrüßen den Tag mit lautem Gezwitscher, die Netze der Spinnen noch von Tau bedeckt. Inmitten der Natur zwischen Wald und Wiesen befindet sich ein Ort der Freiheit, an dem Alltag und Stress für einen kurzen Moment verschwinden. Und genau dort, wo sich Fuchs und Hase gute Nacht sagen schaffen wir für euch einen Ort, wo ihr unbehelligt ihr selbst sein könnt. Zwischen Holzbauten, Kunst und musikalisch technoider Untermalung findet ihr ebenso Plätze zum entspannen und genießen.
Herzlich Willkommen zum Sommer Sonne See Festival! ☀