Rave Tendencies celebrates 13 years of NRDS (Non Respect Du Silence). Originally from Alsace, NRDS' philosophy mixes electronic music without borders, and also visual arts, workhops.

Underground Triad deviant fest in Brussels // 3 venues //3 nights
THU- Central Live/Dj • 13 ans Non Respect Du Silence @ Café Central
FRI- Rave Tendencies @ ZODIAK
SAT- I'm not a dj, Im a LIVE ACT - Concerts Electroniques @ Barlok

We are Delighted to receive as Guests: Al Ferox official + the mover PCP + Noseda + Stefan QandA ZMK

BOARDING: midnight
ENTRANCE: 7€ < 1am < 10€

the mover dj set
"Mover is dark because it's set in the phuture of mankind.
I can't possibly justify seeing a happy end to this stupid human drama. Darkness is not mystical, it's your everyday reality". That's how Marc defines himself. It's the first time that Marc Trauber, owner as well of PCP, will come to Belgium under his Techno alias the mover. Be there as that’s an exclusivity ZODIAK / NRDS partnership! HE WILL ARRIVE 2017, directly from Germany

Al Ferox official dj set
Al Ferox, also named Alessandro F., is an italian musician and producer from Napoly, founder of the labels Kobayashi recordings, Dancefloor Killers and Scream.
He celebrate also the 20th birthday of Kobayashi recordings.

Noseda Live
Noseda grows up in Belgium by the electronic hotspot of the underground scene. Infected by the electronic music bug, he erects himself as a pillar of modern deep & dark techno community. Noseda starts very young with keyboard and piano and soon he begins the experiment with hardware machines. Since then he is composing and producing with hardware and software, playing live set in clubs and festivals from Ibiza to the most underground parties of Northern Europe.
Green Velvet has turned Noseda in one of the prestigious artists that have released on his label Relief.
His tracks has been released on prestigious labels like Klang Records, Hell yeah Black Leather Rec, Art Style Techno, Darker Sounds, Hardwandler Records, Subwoofer Records, Chauron Hybrid label, Ragnarok and many more.

Stefan QandA(ZMK) dj set
With a firm 19 year history in European underground rave culture, the new project Stefan QandA is launched in the beginning of 2016 to focus on fierce rave techno and mental deep house.
As a very skilled DJ and producer based in Rotterdam, he is preparing a unique blend of new releases, collabs and performances to release upon the global underground scene. Equipped with a solid persuasion in sound and rhythm, Stefan QandA is a true master in dancefloor manipulation

Noize Makerz hybrid live hardware / dj
When Provokation Rec. meets Mechanical Brain Records, this duet composed by Infernal Noise and The Deathmaker, Italia VS France. They're gonna play some industrial techno back-to-back live and vinyl to close this event as NRDS Crew reprezent. They will give their own vision of Rave techno sound.

Nachtwaas Live Hardware
NAchtwass is a new Flamish duo, total hardware, composed by Matt Krank and Mired also NRDS member, for the 1st time with this "alias"


2 Areas full of Neurofunk, Jump Up, Hardcore Drum & Bass, soundsystems and more to fuck with your brains, all this in the finest venue of The Hague, PIP!

►Line Up:

- Hybris [CZ] (2 hour set!) [Invisible / Dispatch / Metalheadz]
- Stefan ZMK [Obs.Cur]
- Rudi Ratte b2b DJane Enigma [Culture Assault / PRSPCT]
- Mind Theory [Inversion]
- Sweepa [Subway / Wildstyle]

▼The Lab: The Hague's Finest Room▼
- Pitch [Bassball / Innovation]
- Zirash [Mindocracy Recordings]
- Shapeshifter [070dnb / Hostile Takeover]
- Nelens b2b Tomraider [Bassball / NEUROFU*K]
- Zardoz [Bassball / WOPWOP]
- Onno [PIP's Homegrown]

- Dart [PRSPCT / Subway]
- Multiplex MC [Blackout]
- Mc Metronoom [WOPWOP / Hoekselijn]

- LZR Vision

- HBR Soundsystem
- Funktion One

Early Birds: €9
Regular: €11,50
Door: €13

PIP Den Haag,
Binckhorstlaan 36

*Venue includes a large outside smoking/ cool down terrace with fireplaces for cold nights and is located on a ~10 minute walk from The Hague CS and The Hague HS.

After midnight trains are leaving every hour from The Hague HS.

This is an 18+ event

Artwork by Jochem Ruarus


Expect an exceptional experience over 2 rooms where art and different music genres become one on the coolest, coziest venue Ghent has to offer!

+ 20 artists __ 2 rooms __ 1 night

Performing artists:

( Acid )

► Stefan ZMK (NL)
( Obs.Cur, Peur Bleue, MackiTek, Zombie Kru )

► Lehu live (PL)
( Obs.Cur, Rsf rec. Narcosis )

► Phantomlab live (NL,CZ)
( Acid anonymous, Symbiote rec. )

► Epidemie vs JAcid0REX live
( Acid infection, Neoacid )

► Hypnoise Theory
( Retro Acid, DDM soundsystem )

►Ikzio live (ESP)
( Acid corps, 909 London, Stompin' parties )

►Ruffhauss b2b Dj Kashaa (ESP, PL)
( Stompin' parties )

Acid ifc residents:

► Desperation point live
( Acid infection, DDM records )

► Inza Kenas b2b Scorbo
( Acid infection, DDM soundsystem )

( Techno, Minimal, House )

► Robyns & Markey DE) (3h set)
(dj yannick robyns B2B Sander Markey) (DE) (3h set)
( Tonkind rec, Chalet, Golden gate Berlin, Wanted, Parallel )

► Stefan QandA (NL)
( Interwave, Fondation Sonore )

► Die Clique
( Feestgedruis, Kompass Klub )

► LaMaz
( Roots of minimal, Kompass klub )

► DRRM live
( Uverlast )

► Küken
( Tuupe )

( Moin moin rec )


Soundsupport by DDM Soundsystem, Loslopend Wild and Acid infection.




Hoezo? gaat weer flink los op Koningsnacht, en deze keer word het een hele speciale GRATIS editie. Denk richting de zuurtjes, de vlammende ride's, pompende bass-lines en een hele vette kick om de voetjes los te krijgen. Een mix van diepe techno, (oldscool) acid en (oldscool) acidtechno zal de hoofdmoot zijn voor deze editie en de line up is als geen ander! Naast Enrico Fuerte, Dj-Pallette, Overlast en Stefan ZMK vs. Li-Z hebben we niemand minder dan Miss Djax!!!

Enrico zal het spits af gaan bijten waarop Miss Djax zal antwoorden met een oldscool techno set met veel acid invloeden. Hoezo resident Dj-Pallette mag het stokje overnemen en zal de acid-techno vibe verder op gaan voeren, waarna Stefan ZMK en Li-Z op maarliefst vier decks de lijn richting Tekno zal gaan sturen. Hoezo resident Overlast zal de avond in zijn onmiskenbare Tekno-stijl af gaan sluiten.

Naast dit muzikale geweld hebben we ook een spectaculaire visual show van One Man Kollektiv.

En omdat koningsnacht een feestje voor iedereen moet zijn is de entree volledig GRATIS!!

21:00 - 22:30 - Enrico Fuerte
22:30 - 23:30 - Miss Djax
23:30 - 00:30 - Dj-Pallette
00:30 - 03:00 - Stefan ZMK vs Li-z
03:00 - 04:00 - overlast

Visuals by: One Man Kollektiv

No dogs, no drugs, no problems!

MAY '17

De line up voor deze editie van Heimwee is rond!!
Bekijk hem hier:
(Hit 'n Run, Obs.cur, ZMK)
(Mokum, Party Animals, Wap Squad)
(Hit 'n Run, Heimwee)
Tot vrijdag 12 Mei dus!