Aaargh matey's,

☠ 5 years we are sailing the clubs, the festivals, the moon, even landscapes and we still have so many DREAMS to fill in.

☠ 5 years we are working for the Belgium scene and we needed to conquer so much FEARS, learn so much.

☠ 5 years of so many emotion, passion, friendship, LOVE and this with the best crowd a promotor can wish.

This is asking for a special B-day party and this is what we gonna give you.

Young & old, black & white, yellow & brown, smelly & fresh, CRAZY & normal, human & alien ... we hope to welcome you all at our 5th B-day bash.

Some key-words of what you can expect..
⇸ Day party @ Mirror tent, Vilvoorde ( Event page tbc )

⇸ Night party @ FUSE with...
✰ 3 Rooms
✰ Fairytales & Nightmares
✰ Lot's of good music.. from proggy to techno.. From house to minimal
✰ Dressed up people
✰ CONFETTI & glitter
✰ Special effects
✰ Dolls, monsters, clowns, animals, CHUCKY, Barbie & Kenn, Fluffy-bears, PIRATES ...

A never ending story ! !

LINE UP RELEASE 06-12-2014
Early bird till then ! !