Hey guys, 

I was trying to think of how to describe my first ever self produced event.  In this section, for instance, should I write in third person or first person? The event planner in me started writing in third person, using words & phrases like “hottest,” “larger than life,” and “skyrocketed” - and about 3 sentences in, I felt like, “Well, this is just vapid narcissism and worse yet - it’s also boring.” So I thought “just stop right now - this is the reason you are producing your own event - so there doesn't need to be any unnecessary hype!" 

Ok, so now that we've cleared that up……. I'm coming to San Francisco on November 8 to produce an event in conjunction with Beatbox that I have envisioned in my head for the last 5 years.  First let me start off by saying, “thank you for coming to my gigs,” wherever they might have been. I really am truly thankful. While I have played some amazing parties the last few years, I’m always taking notes inside my head on what I thought worked and didn't work - either in my set or in the production of the event.  I’ve also watched you as a dance community evolve over the last few years and I’m noticing that it’s taking a little more effort to keep you entertained these days. And hey, who can blame you? You (we?) are iPhone generation! We need visual stimulation with our music today. I don’t know about you, but I certainly do. It’s why I’m insisting on making music videos to the singles I put out into the world. In 2014, it’s not really enough to just hear and feel the music at the club, you kinda need to see it too!

For the last 3 months, and for the 3 months leading up to this event, I have been and will be working on a unique video presentation to my music with the very best video designers in New York City. Rob Montenegro has done video for Ultra in Miami. Tristan Fuge did the sick animation for my “Bye Felicia” lyric video, and my friend John in Vegas is on board as well for portions of the show. So, you ask, what do we show this unique video on? Well, we’re bringing in an LED show to Beatbox!!!! Uber genius Johnathan Regnier is building and designing a stage for all of this with lights and …. well, i don’t wanna give EVERYTHING away ;-) If everything goes off even half as good as I have it in my head, it will be a crazy party!!!

I’m also flying in my good friends and super hot couple Seth Fornea & Jared Bradford (who sings on my next single “All This Time”) for you. I’ll post some links below in case you’re not familiar. Trust me, you’ll want to know their names and faces ;-) My good buddy DJ Lee Decker will be the opening act. Just because he’s so awesome!

Guys, I’m so excited about this event. It’s the hardest I’ve worked on anything in my whole life but I do feel like it’s going to be the most fulfilling as well. I hope you can join me on November 8 and see what I’ve been up to. I chose to debut this project in San Francisco because I feel your love so much every time I’m in your city. Honestly, this was my first choice to debut this new adventure for me - no, US! I can’t wait to see you!

Love, Joe