The ? industry nights happen every Wednesday from 10 PM onwards at the scenic Iron Faires KL, a visual wonder location, coupled with the most exclusive cocktails. The great news is that ladies get the special cocktails complimentary on Wednesdays and there is no cover charge.

On the turntables of steel this week, Biscuit features two very special friends- Paul Jove, all the way from Bolivia , bringing us some ethnic vibes well infused with house and techno as well as the legendary Rob Roar of Phonetica records. A figure of Ibiza for the past 3 decades , Rob is an amazing artist. Anything can happen from disco to techno this Wednesday as between the 3 of them the access to the electronic music spectrum is wide, varied and fun . They are getting together behind the console for a delightful concoction of midweek sounds; crafty performers and a fiery combination for dance floor steaming with house and techno burning the midnight oil till very late.

All are welcome, no cover charge. Art Xtreme Media organised and bringing you fresh vibes on every hump day of the week at the beautiful IFKL


Hey party superstars!

The Sweatbox this Saturday ,January 25th invites you to a Code Blue edition. We also celebrate the lunar new year! Gong Xi Fa Chai to all of you who celebrate and may you have a prosperous year ahead ! 🐭 ⛩🏮🧧
Code Blue is about classics with a twist , blended melodic layers and progressions and a more melodic approach to music in general . For this matter , we have invited Paul Jove ( Pituko)- San Pedro Musik. He is doing the world rounds at the minute all the way from Latin America to our tropical Kuala Lumpur. Joining him are our residents Otherkind and Obadius .

We look forward to a very exotic edition of The Sweatbox!

About Paul Jove Pituko:

“A balanced path of light and dark is good practice in all things throughout life”.
This combination of thought resonates throughout Paul Jove’s 15+ year career as a Musician, Producer and DJ. His finger is constantly on the pulse of the Bolivian Electronic music scene with shows and presentations practically every weekend. This solid commitment to the music scene has given fruit to shows, releases and presentations around the world - from the Americas, Europe to a focal point of South East Asia and most recentely, Australia.
Sound and performance that is not measured by mainstream acceptance but by the quality of music and human interaction is priority. This is amply reflected in the active San Pedro Music releases, which not only feature Bolivian artists, but also guests from different walks of the world. San Pedro Music has been successfully releasing his own music as well as other artists during the years. The vast array of genre’s covering Paul’s music ranges from ambient acoustic to dance tracks to remixing even Bolivian folklore with electronic music.
Paul’s imperative when presenting a show or producing a release and the effect it will have on his specific public. He keeps this in mind when selecting for an event and believes that each presentation is a unique world all it’s own; that a strong human connection produces positive-energetic vibes which then dovetails with the music and therefore creates many special and memorable moments. There’s no need to box Paul’s musical dance preferences to just one genre as he loves to surf through layers, textures, moods and sounds creating a flow that reaches many hips, hearts, minds and souls.
The main goal? To have a unique experience on the dance floor every single time.
A 2nd full-length musician album will be released on San Pedro Music by January 2020. He’s also debuted Vietnam’s electronic music label, Holy Grail, earlier this year with proper support across the scene. EP’s, singles and remixes are present on labels like Frequenza Records, HRBR (Saigon), Bonzai Progressive, Clinique, Free Spirit, Hearec and Holy Grail.
As an effective and efficient muti-tasker-professional, Paul Jove also owns and runs his very successful Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant “NamasTe,” in La Paz, Bolivia, always rated in the top 10 restaurants for the past 13 years according to Trip Advisor, Google Maps, Happy Cow and others.

Le Noir KL Club Lounge ,Saturday,January 25, 11 PM onwards
Cover Charge: 40 RM + 1 drink
Party brought to you by Art Xtreme Media